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Baylor University Libraries Digital Collections

Digital Collections User Help


Welcome to the User Help page for the Baylor University Libraries Digital Collections, presented using CONTENTdm. The information found on this page is
designed to answer basic questions related to searching and using the items in our digital collections. If you need further assistance as you use our collections,
please email


Which Browsers and Plugins Should I Use?

Accessing the collections is best accomplished when using one of the following browsers:

- Internet Explorer 9.0+ (PC)

- Firefox 19.0+ (PC and Mac)

- Safari 5 (Mac)

NOTE: A known bug is preventing audio playback for Safari users. Please use Chrome, Firefox or IE to access audio items until a fix is available. (February 2015)

We recommend using the Adobe Reader XI (11.0 or later) for viewing PDFs in our collection.

If you are using Internet Explorer 9 or 10 and are experiencing difficulty viewing items in the collection, please turn OFF compatibility view.
You can find this setting under the Tools menu.


Note regarding highlighted keywords in PDFs

At this time, Google Chrome's and Firefox 19's native PDF viewers are not displaying highlighted keywords within a PDF. If you need that functionality,
please consider using IE or Safari and the Adobe Reader XI (or later) plugin.

Help Guides

For general information on using these collections, please view the following PDF documents.

Performing a basic search

Performing an advanced search

Viewing PDF results

Viewing image results

All guides in a single PDF


Why do some items have brackets ([]) around the titles?

This is common practice when assigning titles to materials that do not have explicit titles assigned by their creators. For example, a photograph of a scene that was not assigned a title by its creator - such as "President Johnson at the White House, 1964" - will be assigned a title based on its contents, such as [Photograph of President Lyndon B. Johnson sitting in the Oval Office, White House, 1964].

Why are there two Black Gospel Music Restoration Project collections?

Due to copyright restrictions on materials created in the United States after 1923, we have chosen to take the conservative approach of creating two separate collections: one for access by users on the campus of Baylor University and the other, which contains 30-second clips of each song in the collection, for off-campus users. This allows us to present these items to the world while adhering to a very strict interpretation of the "fair use" doctrine that allows libraries to present materials for researchers.


What items are considered in the public domain? Can I use them for any purpose I choose?

In general, materials from the Baylor University Libraries Digital Collections are considered to be in the public domain (PD) if they were created on or before the year 1923. In those cases, the materials may be said to have no known copyright restrictions, so users are free to utilize them in whatever ways they wish. It is up to the user to determine the copyright status of any and all items in the collection, however, and Baylor University does not assert copyright over materials that were not explicitly created by the university. Please see the Digital Collections Right Statement page for more informati

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